Business Model Innovation

This is a never-ending journey!

Innovation is crucial for the survival of your business—something you’re already deeply aware of. But do you know where to get started, what your focus should be, and what you can reasonably expect in terms of business value? Aligning business model innovation with your business’s priorities, making innovation a core value, and testing ideas on real customers without jeopardizing your brand are all critical steps toward your next breakthrough. We’re here to take this journey with you.

3 easy steps to design business models

Know your customers

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Build your business

Scale your business

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1. Know your customers

You most likely absolutely love your customers as much as we do. We’re pretty much devoted to them. In fact, they hold the key to your business’s future. All you need to know is how you can provide value to them repeatedly.

That is why we involve real customers in every step of our innovation process. And guess what? We take you out of the building so you can meet them in person. You will gain a significant competitive advantage by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers and their ever-changing needs. You can design products and services that are relevant to them once you know what they want. Are you curious about how we avoid the traditional consumer panel?

2. Build your business

We begin developing your brand-new business model with newly discovered customer insights and promising ideas. But don’t get too excited; we always start small and with a plan for validation. We have a brilliant plan on paper, but who says our customers will love it as much as we do? Who says we have the capability to build it?

You can depend on us to conduct in-market experiments to validate your hypotheses. We don’t want to humiliate you or ourselves, believe us. With each experiment, we gain confidence that we are building the right solution. And if we don’t, we kill our ideas. In fact, our company is a battleground for ideas that never saw the light of day.

3. Grow your business

Building your solutions is one thing; effectively bringing them to market is quite another. You’ve reached the point in the process where you need to invest to grow, but your funders want to see results. But it all comes down to finding that striker who can score and take us home.

That is why we grow businesses in a phase-gated process. Each phase includes metrics that will allow us to plan your next move on the field. We de-risk your investment from innovation to execution in this way, putting you in control of your future successful growth. 

What do you get?

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Business Model Innovation

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