We bridge the gap.

We work with businesses that have the courage to tackle the largest gaps in the Zambian and African market.

Let’s reimagine billion-dollar businesses together.

From The Lab to The Space to Market, we’re investing in the future of local businesses.

Accept the need for change

Change promotes innovation, builds skills, develops teams, and leads to greater business opportunities.

Identify what's wrong

You can improve your business by ensuring that you are managing it based on facts.

Put an actionable plan in place

Develop strategies and take small steps toward achieving your long-term goals.

Execute a 90-180-365-day plan

Design new business models and innovative solutions; identify new business opportunities and partnerships; and so on.

What are you looking for?

We bring our strategy and innovative approach to the table. It is an experimentation-driven, data-driven approach to discovering value for your potential customers. We explore opportunities, design your strategy, and create game-changing business models that are beyond your imagination today.

It's great to meet you; we have a lot of them on our team. We are constantly pushing ourselves to solve Zambia's challenges by assisting our clients in seizing future opportunities. We go out of our way to leave a mark on you and your team.

That's precisely what we do. Our value-driven strategies and business model designs can have a positive impact on businesses, and the environment.

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Right by your side, right from the start.

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We are working with incredible clients in these industries.

Building sustainable businesses that add immeasurable value and have an impact on the environment.




We can't tell you how

much we love what we


We are driven to simplify complex business models.

Desirability - Customer

Feasibility - Infrastructure

Viability - Finances

Offering - Value Proposition

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