Changing the way you work

Delivering value in the moment by evaluating your processes.


The factory

Let I-Rock’s experts build your project for you. Do more than catch up…get ahead!

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Digital workplace

Providing you with tools that help you manage your business in a more productive and effecient way.

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Customer experience

Data driven decisions are key to improving business quality in every business.

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Freedom to work anywhere

Stay connected to your business whether you're home, on the road, or out of town.

Promoting efficiency in workplaces

Your work can now flow from person to person, to the cloud and back—without bottlenecks or breakdowns.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Unlike on-premise solutions, you can now work anytime, anywhere, via your desktop, tablet or phone.

Improve customer service

Creating consistency in your processes, producing greater predictability and a higher level of responsiveness to customers.

Adaptable to increased workload

No need to spend on server hardware. If a system requires more power to perform tasks, all we do is upgrade you.


Some of our awesome stash

We can't tell you how much we love what we do!

See what we all about

Helping you turn your business around.

Accept the need for change

We help you realize and develop a pipeline of opportunities.

We identify what's wrong

We help you understand the metrics, challenges and opportunities.

We put an actioanable plan in place

Developing a deep understanding of your business needs and empowering a strong team oriented environment.

We execute a 30-60-90 plan

Developing business models, sales and marketing plans, identify and execute deals, partnerships, and activities.

Brain Storm

Interested in working with us?

If you have an existing or new business enquiry, a great idea or simply want a chat to explore how we can work together.

Some of our clients

We exist for them!