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We are devoted to transforming our business environment through simple but lean strategies and effective technology. We do this by developing growth strategies, innovation infrastructures, and new businesses opportunities using our clients’ resources and core strengths.

I-Rock is a technology services company that helps local businesses rethink and transform their approach to innovation, business design, operations, and growth through our two building blocks—The Lab and The Space. I-Rock understands the mutual benefits of bringing SMEs (with skills in early-stage development) to the growth market (with the tools to help them build viable businesses).

The Lab is a hands-on, no-nonsense, learn-by-doing built for SMEs who are determined to build solid, lean-operating businesses that are prepared for rapid growth in our business environment.

The Space helps SMEs, corporates, and firms in between create strategic software products that drive revenue, reduce costs, and transform their businesses and market performance.

I-Rock is open to all stages of businesses, from ideas to those with customers and teams that have been operating for years.

There are key reasons you might want to apply:

  1. You need help to develop or refine your MVP in 3-6 to 12 months.
  2. Your business could benefit from a commercial relationship.
  3. You are a business looking to add a large customer to your portfolio.
  4. You have a great product and company and are looking for a new market to expand into. 

You can work with us as a scaleup if you:

  1. You are a minimum of 4 years old as a business with 20% growth year on year
  2. Already have revenue, customers, and a product that has product/market fit
  3. Do not need immediate funding and The Lab crash programme
  4. Can deliver your product or service to the Market within three months
  5. Have a workforce of 30 or above

You can work with us as a startup if you:

  1. You are a business 0-48 months old
  2. Have a great product or service but need support to gain customer traction, revenue, and product/market fit
  3. Need funding and The Lab crash programme
  4. Can deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) to market within three months
  5. Have a workforce of 30 or below


I-Rock is looking for regional startups (from early stage to fully scaled businesses) with teams that want to build sustainable businesses.

No, you will own all of your IP.

Yes, it is expected that you will be available full-time to work on your business. Our job is to provide you and your team with the assistance you require. 

Our standard contracts run for 12 to 52 weeks. During that time, you will be allocated 2.5 days per week of face-to-face time with the dedicated I-Rock team member and/or consultant. The other 2.5 days, you should commit to building your business and seeking to aggressively attract revenue, customers, and growth.

We do not encourage single founders, but we will consider you if you can demonstrate that you have access to the resources you will need to grow your business quickly during the first 12 weeks of our engagement.

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