The Lab

Unlock new opportunities

When growth is easy to come by, one can understand why innovation becomes secondary too so many businesses. We feel we’ve transitioned from a technology company to one that provides experimentation-as-a-service. We now offer solutions that involve our software, but we’re also strong in terms of business development and customer strategy. Our services enable our clients to analyze their businesses from both the outside and the inside.

Rethinking how we design businesses.

From The Lab to The Space to Market, we’re investing in the future of local businesses.

Accept the need for change

Change promotes innovation, builds skills, develops teams, and leads to greater business opportunities.

Identify what's wrong

You can improve your business by ensuring that you are managing it based on facts.

Put an actionable plan in place

Develop strategies and take small steps toward achieving your long-term goals.

Execute a 90-180-365-day plan

Design new business models and innovative solutions; identify new business opportunities and partnerships; and so on.

Measure, monitor, and improve.

Helping you develop a practical approach to rapidly innovate, disrupt, and accelerate your business at scale.