About Us

Why we do what we do!

(and a little bit about us)

We founded I-Rock on the simple belief that the most valuable local businesses of our time will be those that solve Zambia’s most critical challenges. Our goal is to support the country’s promising businesses by developing disruptive solutions for them. Together, we can reimagine the agriculture, manufacturing, and retail sectors of the economy in ways that will benefit Zambia and Africa.

We are a team of contrarians who don’t believe in business as usual. Local businesses should stop taking risks in building businesses that are designed to fail using outmoded methodologies and tools.

We invest in the development of local businesses related to different vertical markets and several functional areas. We provide tools and resources to support business concepts, set-up, and optimization and assistance to local businesses for growth strategies, innovation infrastructures, new business opportunities, funding strategies, market analysis, strategy information, product development, sales pipeline design, and technological support.

Established in 2014. I-Rock Technologies Limited (“I-Rock”) is a Zambian owned business and technology services company that helps local businesses rethink and transform their approach to innovation, business design, operations, and business growth through our two building blocks – The Lab and The Space.

Our two building blocks

The Lab

This is our business experimentation and business development block.

The Space

This is our software development and business automation block.

Our vision

Building tomorrow’s businesses.

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Our mission

We believe in challenging the status quo to reshape Zambia’s business landscape. By providing local businesses with innovative solutions, essential resources, and expert guidance, we enable them to thrive in an ever-evolving market. Our passion is building resilient, enduring businesses that contribute to a brighter future for Zambia.

Our core values

What makes us who we are?


Always learning

We are a group of eager learners that are continuously looking for new ways to provide value to our team and the clients we serve.

Love each client

We love and value each and every client we work with. We're always eager to hear about their ideas, challenges, and achievements.

Innovation hacking

We're motivated. We're not scared to think outside the box in order to develop more effective ways and strategies. We value transformational change and encourage our clients to do the same.

Meaningful Interactions

We think that long-term relationships are built on habits and connections. Through teamwork, respect, and partnerships that transcend beyond our company, we form bonds with one another.

So enough about us.

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