Value Proposition Canvas

When it comes to truly understanding your customers, including their jobs-to-be-done, pains, and gains, as well as your offer to them, the Value Proposition Canvas, developed by Alex Osterwalder at Strategyzer, is one of the best tools available.

Tool overview

Value Proposition Canvas

How does the canvas work?

The value proposition canvas has two building blocks. The customer side and your solution side. You always start with your customer.

Your customer profile

1. Persona

Fill in the name of your persona. Which customer segment do you have in mind for this proposition?

2. Job-to-be-done

What are the jobs your customer is trying to get done in work or life? These could be both functional and social. What basic needs do your customers have (emotional and/or personal)?

3. Gains

What would make your customer happy? What outcomes does he or she expect and what would exceed their expectations? Think of the social benefits, functional, and financial gains.

4. Pains

What is annoying or troubling your customer? What is preventing him or her from getting the job done? What is hindering your customer’s activities?

Your product and services

1. Products and services

What are the products and services you can offer your customer so he can get his job done? 

2. Gain creators

What can you offer your customers to help them fulfill the gains? Be concrete (in quantity and quality)!

3. Pain relievers

How can you help your customer relieve his pains? Be explicit about how they can help.

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