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Hiring dedicated staff to build and manage your business is costly, whereas the return on investment is still unknown. Also, training new staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market knowledge can be a time and resource consuming process. We help innovative businesses extend their reach by providing expert, sales outsourcing services. An efficient and effective alternative.

We are ready to start business development and sales activities for your business. We act as (an extension to) your sales force. We are Minions in the making! By working with I-Rock, you are able to “test” the market in the specified areas and wait with direct investments (e.g. opening your own office, extending your direct sales force) until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.

Solutions We Offer

Built to scale as you grow.

Lead to Close

Lead to Close

If your marketing team is struggling to generate leads, and your sales team isn’t closing enough, I-Rock’s lead to close solutions can help. We cover the entire sales and marketing lifecycle, letting your team focus on its core business.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Are you confident in your sales process, but lack the marketing know-how to bring in the right people? Leverage our demand generation solution to revamp your marketing strategy, identify the best channels for growth, such as paid digital advertising, and efficiently fill your pipeline.

Lead to Qualification

Lead to Qualification

Is your sales team spending too much time chasing prospects that aren’t a great fit? Or does your top-of-the-funnel lack the volume needed for a robust pipeline? We’ll revamp your lead generation efforts to bring in more prospects, then leverage our team of minions to qualify them and hand them off to your closers.

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