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What is the Minion Programme? A programme which avails/ provides the best industry talent and exceptional hands on experience from our pool of minions to help support your business without breaking your bank and your convenience. Hiring dedicated staff to build and manage your business is costly, whereas the return on investment is still unknown. Also, training new staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market knowledge can be a time and resource consuming process. We help innovative businesses extend their reach by providing expert, talent outsourcing services. An efficient and effective alternative.

We are ready to start activities for your business. We act as (an extension to) your team. By working with our Minions, you are able to “test” the market in the specified areas and wait with direct investments (e.g. opening your own office, extending your direct sales force) until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.

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Describe Your Project

Describe Your Project

Tell us what you need done, when and where it works for you.

Choose Your Minion

Choose Your Minion

Request our trusted minions by skills, experience, and qualification. Choose the right minion for the job and chat with us to confirm details.

Get In Done

Get It Done

Your minion arrives and gets the job done. Pay securely and leave a review, all through I-Rock channels.

Job Categories

A minion tailored for you.

Web, Mobile & Software Development

We help put the right developers on your project.

Design & Creative

We’ll help put the perfect creative minds on your projects.

Content Writing

We’ll help put the perfect content writers on your digital project.

Sales & Marketing

Is your marketing team struggling to generate leads, and your sales team isn’t closing enough, our sales & marketing team can help.

Admin Support

Have a go-to team with specialized administrative skills.

Customer Experience

We’ll help you build an unforgettable customer experience for your customer with our customer experience team.

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    How It Works

    1. Submit Your Request

    A representative will get right back to you within 1-2 business hours to discuss your request.

    2. Schedule A Meeting

    A face-to-face with a representative in help you helping identify potential opportunities and challenges for your business.

    3. Minion Review

    Once a minion is assigned to your business or project. Will help you successfully setup a sales map.

    4. It's Work Time

    It's time to close those deals champ!